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Mark 1:14 Commentary | Given Over, Gospel Given

November 24, 2019 @DannyScottonJr 0

After John the Baptist is handed over — to be arrested and eventually killed, Jesus begins His public ministry in Galilee. Christ proclaims the Gospel in a cosmopolitan region that will apparently be more receptive than the holy city of Jerusalem.

John the Baptist is Jesus’ forerunner in ministry and in (brutal) death. Proclaiming the Gospel often leads to persecution.

Mark Commentary

The (Post-)Baptism & Temptation of Jesus | Mark 1:9-13 (Prologue Part II) Lesson [Slideshow+]

November 22, 2019 @DannyScottonJr 0

Three important experiences signify the inauguration of the kingdom of God through Jesus Christ — the King. (1) The heavens are torn open, (2) the Holy Spirit descends into Jesus, and (3) God’s heavenly voice speaks. God’s word confirm that Jesus is the royal Messiah, the unique Son of God, and the prophesied Suffering Servant.

Then, Jesus is driven out into the wilderness to be tempted by Satan — setting the stage for the spiritual battle that runs throughout Mark. 

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Mark 1:13 Commentary | Wilderness Test, Spiritual Contest

November 22, 2019 @DannyScottonJr 0

Jesus is tempted in the wilderness — a place of both promise and testing in the Old Testament — by Satan for forty days — a number that recalls important moments in the ministry of Moses and Elijah. 

Satan and the wild animals are on one side, while Jesus and His attending angels are on the other. This spiritual battle will continue through Mark.

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Mark 1:12 Commentary | Driven Out Into the Wilderness

November 21, 2019 @DannyScottonJr 0

After His baptism and anointing, Jesus is “driven out” into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit. The wilderness was not only the place of the prophetic promise fulfilled by John the Baptist, but also the place of Israel’s previous testing. Soon, Jesus will square off with Satan — who will have somewhat of a home field advantage

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Mark 1:11 Commentary | Heavenly, Prophetic Confirmation

November 20, 2019 @DannyScottonJr 0

In just a few words, God’s voice from heaven provides heavenly confirmation that Jesus is the Son of God (the royal Messiah of Psalm 2:7), the Beloved Son of God (as Isaac was the beloved son Abraham whom was willing to sacrifice in Genesis 22), and the Servant of the LORD (the Suffering Servant of Isaiah 52:13-53:12 who would bring salvation to the ends of the earth through His sacrifice. 

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Mark 1:10 Commentary | Jesus Ascending, Heavens Tearing, Spirit Descending

November 19, 2019 @DannyScottonJr 0

After Jesus is baptized by John the Baptist, he sees the heavens being torn open — likely indicating a divine arrival (cf. Is 64:1). He also sees the Holy Spirit descending into Him like a dove, fulfilling Isaiah’s prophecy that the Anointed One (i.e., Christ, Messiah) would be anointed by the Spirit (Is 11:2, 61:1).

Jesus is permanently indwelt and empowered by the Spirit, perhaps foreshadowing how followers of Jesus are (to a lesser degree, of course) indwelt and empowered by the Spirit today. 

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Mark 1:9 Commentary | Jesus From Where? Baptized by Who?

November 18, 2019 @DannyScottonJr 0

Jesus, the Messiah, the Son of God (Mk 1:1), the Stronger One — who was to come after John the Baptist (Mk 1:7) — comes. But He comes from an unexpected place (i.e., Nazareth) and does the unexpected (i.e., being baptized by John). Throughout Mark, He will continue to correct everyone’s expectations about what it means to be the Messiah. It entails identifying with His people and their sin — both in the water and on the cross — in order to save them.

Psalm 23:6 Meaning

The Good Shepherd (Part I) | Psalm 23 Bible Study

November 17, 2019 @DannyScottonJr 0

The LORD is our shepherd. Therefore, He has authority over us humble sheep. Moreover, He protects and provides, sustains and secures, guards and guides. Even in trouble, we need not fear; for God is with us. Our ultimate desire should not be God’s presents but God’s presence. 

Psalm 23:6 Meaning

Psalm 23:5 Commentary | Divine Dinner Protection

November 15, 2019 @DannyScottonJr 0

In these lines, the picture switches from God the Shepherd to God the Host. Here, the LORD shows His generosity and hospitality — even in the presence of the psalmist’s enemies. The psalmist sings confidently of God’s presence and protection in hostile circumstances (Ps 23:4) and from hostile people (Ps 23:5).