What About Abortion?

What About Abortion?

October 10, 2019 @DannyScottonJr 0

Many Bible Scriptures are often cited in abortion debates (pro-life vs. pro-choice). However, Galatians 5:20 is often overlooked. Pharmakeia (think pharmacy), translated as “witchcraft” (cf. NIV) actually refers to drugs…

Thankful For His Service | Isaiah 52:13 - 53:12 Exegetical Paper

Thankful For His Service | Isaiah 52:13 – 53:12 Exegetical Paper

April 18, 2019 @DannyScottonJr 0

This prophecy of Isaiah foretells of the forthcoming Servant of the LORD who is a kingly, even divine, Messiah. Though the nation of Israel was supposed to be to the collective Servant of the LORD through whom He would bring about justice and salvation to the nations, they rebelled and transgressed their covenant with YHWH. The unimpressive, unattractive, humble, despised, suffering Servant was to come and make a substitutionary, atoning self-sacrifice that would heal the relationship between the LORD and His covenant people, bringing שָׁלוֹם (shalom).

Why Was Jesus Named "Jesus"?

Why Was Jesus Named “Jesus”?

December 5, 2018 @DannyScottonJr 0

Joseph is told to name Jesus “Jesus” because Jesus would *save* his people from their sins — our self-separation from/ rebellion against/dysfunctional relationship with God (cf. Mt 1:21)…

The Game of Life: Four Necessary Worldview Questions

The Game of Life: Four Necessary Worldview Questions

October 10, 2018 @DannyScottonJr 0

What does one need to know to play any game? (1) How does it start (origins)? (2) What are the rules (morality)? (3) What is the goal (meaning)? (4) How does it end (destiny)? Every worldview has to — at least — address each of these questions. The answers that a Christian worldview provides are much more…

Foundational: Theology & Philosophy

Foundational: Theology & Philosophy

August 8, 2018 @DannyScottonJr 0

“Truth,” “Justice,” “Right,” Wrong,” “Success.” Can’t we see how people can use these same key terms but have different definitions? I suspect conversations about controversial issues would be a bit easier if our conceptions of such key terms did not contradict. Perhaps unbeknownst to us, our disagreement often runs much deeper.

"Grace" & "Faith" | Gifts Have Strings Attached

“Grace” & “Faith” | Gifts Have Strings Attached

June 22, 2018 @DannyScottonJr 0

What is “grace”? What is “faith”? In the first-century, these were common terms in the intricate patronage system that structured society. Patrons would do “favors” (graces) for needy clients (“friends”). These clients were to respond in good “faith” (e.g., gratitude, public praise, loyalty…

Straight Outta Context

Straight Outta Context

June 15, 2018 @DannyScottonJr 0

Don’t you hate when people intentionally twist your words? Or when you people take what you say the wrong way?… If so, regardless of our worldview, may we keep this in mind whenever we try to interpret the words written in the Bible.