Believe in Something? Even if it Means Sacrificing Everything?

Is Every “Something” Worth Believing In?

Recently, Nike retweeted the following tweet from the controversial quarterback, Colin Kaepernick:

This seems well-intentioned. However, adopting the philosophy espoused by this ad leads to absurdities.

For example, in the meme above, the mass-murdering Marvel villain, Thanos, is depicted advocating his tweaked version of the quote.1

Furthermore, ironically, I doubt Kaepernick would advise someone to “believe in something” if the “something” was police brutality.

Moreover, how many suicide bombers or dictators, how many like bin Laden and Hitler have lived believing in something — even when it meant ultimately sacrificing everything?

Dear friends, many “somethings” are not worth believing in!

My issue is not with the causes for which Kaepernick is protesting, my issue is with Nike peddling poor philosophy for profit.

Before we #JustDoIt, perhaps we should #JustThinkAboutIt

What or Who Is Worth Believing In?

How does one determine whether or not something is worth believing in? What possibly can be our standard of objective morality?

As I, and many others have argued previously, there is no standard for determining what is objectively wrong or right without God.

Given that there are several, reasonable evidence(s) for the existence of God and for the Resurrection of Jesus (the Son of God), I find it most reasonable to, above all else, believe in Christ.

In fact, this quote actually works quite well when applied to Jesus: “Believe in Christ. Even if it means sacrificing everything else” (cf. Mt 10:39, Lk 9:23-24, Rom 12:1-2, 2 Cor 5:15, etc.).2



  1. For more memes:
  2. Wish I was preaching this Sunday; this sermon practically writes itself!
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