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Choose the translation by clicking the downward-facing triangle next to “The New International Version” in the top left of the embedded Bible reader below. Next, scroll down to the desired translation or, more conveniently, start typing the name/abbreviation (e.g., NIV, KJV, etc.) of the translation before selecting a version of the text.

Want large-print text? First, click the downward-facing triangle next to the “NIV” logo in the top left corner of the reader below. Then, after the slider appears, click and drag the slider to the right until the desired text size is reached.

Want to reach out to others with the Holy Word? Click the “Share” button to the right of the navigation box in the reader below. A box should appear that will allow you to share the Scriptures with friends, family, etc. via Email, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Not sure about the exact Scripture verse? Search by topic using the search box in the sidebar on the right of this web page. You can enter a word, a phrase, or even part of a passage for more guidance.

Want more guidance? Please feel free to reach out to @CatchForChrist on any of the social media platforms linked to in the sidebar to the right. As I write this, I pray that, for whatever is going on in your life, what you read is just what you need — according to the riches of God’s glory in Christ Jesus.

Update: How To Read The Bible Online On Your Phone