James 3:13 #VOTD [+ Memorization Tutorial Video]

October 17, 2017 @DannyScottonJr 0

Unlike those who thought fighting violently against the oppressive Roman government constituted what was “religious and wise,” James writes that true godly wisdom is made manifest in godly character — character that entails peace, gentleness, and humility

John 4:50 #VOTD [+ Memorization Tutorial Video]

October 16, 2017 @DannyScottonJr 0

Jesus heals the son of a royal official, likely a member of the court of the “fox”, Herod Antipas, from a distance — a testament to His power. The official demonstrates the kind of trust — trust based on the word of Christ over against “signs and wonders” — that many, then and now, lack…

Psalm 139:5 #VOTD (+ Memorization Tutorial Video)

October 15, 2017 @DannyScottonJr 0

As a mother envelops her child in her loving arms, the LORD surrounds His children with loving protection (cf. Mt 23:37). In light of our loving, all-seeing and all-knowing God, we ought to surrender to His leadership and His will. As David concludes…