Medicinal Memory | Psalm 77:5 Meditation

May 28, 2018 @DannyScottonJr 0

The Holy City of Jerusalem had been conquered. God’s chosen people were dragged away to Babylon as slaves. Was it not reasonable for the psalmist to express his doubts and question God? Yet, these questions lead the psalmist to remember the past mighty acts of the holy, sovereign, and compassionate God — who is worthy of his and our trust. 

Can God Be Surprised?

May 20, 2018 @DannyScottonJr 0

Can God be surprised? Several “openness” theologians will point to particular passages in Scripture and assert that God can be caught off guard. But is this the most plausible interpretation of such texts? Is it possible for God to know the future — even the future, free decisions of humans?

Exodus 39:42 Commentary | + Memorization Tutorial (Video)

May 2, 2018 @DannyScottonJr 0

Exodus 39:32-43 tells of how the Israelites completed the work on all of the items that were to be placed in the tabernacle. In the NT, we read how Jesus made His dwelling (literally: “tabernacled”) among us (Jn 1:14), allowing His followers to become temples of the Spirit of God (1 Cor 6:19, etc.).