Free Audiobook: ‘The Story of Reality’ by Greg Koukl

What Happened/Is Happening/ Will Happen?

The Story of Reality tells the grand metanarrative that runs from Genesis to Revelation, centering around five foci: (1) God, (2) Man, (3) Jesus, (4) Cross, (5) (Final) Resurrection — a metanarrative that corresponds with reality.

“Notice, you have all the parts of a good story: beginning, conflict, conflict resolution, ending. You also have all the pieces of a complete worldview: creation, fall, redemption, restoration” (39)

Often, I think we try to learn about what is taught in the Scriptures by way of piecemeal studies on various “verses” without realizing how the different pieces all fit into the larger puzzle.

Concisely and in accessible language, Greg Koukl — author of Tactics, president and founder of Stand To Reason (, and adjunct professor of Christian Apologetics at Biola University –conveys the basics of the account that accounts for what really has happened, what really is happening, and what really will happen.

This is not really a book on apologetics (making a defense) — though he does address the “Problem of Evil” a bit — but a work that will give readers a better understanding of the grand narrative of which we all play a part.1

Table of Contents

Foreword by Nancy Pearcey


Introduction: Reality

1. Confusion

2. Puzzle

3. True Story

4. Two Obstacles

5. Story Line

Part One: God

6. In the Beginning

7. Two Objections

8. Matter-Ism

9. Mind-Ism

10. Options

Part Two: Man

11. Beautiful

12. Broken

13. Lost

14. Evil

15. Wrath

Part Three: Jesus

16. History

17. The God-Man

18. The Rescue

Part Four: Cross

19. Footsteps

20. The Trade

21. Trust

Part Five: Resurrection

22. Four Facts

23. In Between

24. Perfect Justice

25. Perfect Mercy





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  1. Much of this description first appeared in a CatchForChrist Instagram post.
  2. Koukl, Gregory. The Story of Reality: How the World Began, How It Ends, and Everything Important that Happens in Between (p. 12). Zondervan. Kindle Edition.
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