“The Best Gift In History: The Deliverer’s Delivery!” | Luke 2:1-7 Bible Study + Crossword


Now, I don’t know about you, but as Christmas day approaches, I’ve been getting more and more deliveries. But nothing can compare with the special delivery of the Deliverer.

Nothing in Amazon boxes is as awesome as the Amazin’ Baby.

Yet, in Luke we see the humble beginnings of the King who’s Kingdom will be never-ending. We read of the most humble of births for the greatest on earth. The greatest of all-time…the greatest man in history.

And because God is in control of history, all history is His story. The chronicles of the cosmos are authored by the One with all authority.

And the Lord even uses impious pagans as major players in His master plan.

And, thanks be to God, through Mary’s labor and delivery, the Lord brought forth His Son who would labor and deliverus.

Tonight, let’s hopefully correct some common misconceptions, and talk about The Best Gift in History: The Deliverer’s Delivery.





Crossword Puzzle (✞-word)

Crossword Puzzle Answers

  • Augustus This adopted son and grandnephew of Julius Caesar was called a “god”, “son of a god”, and “Savior of the world”. His birthday was said to indicate the beginning of “good news” for the world. This emperor called a census for tax purposes (Lk 2:1).
  • Plan The Master has used powerful pagan rulers to accomplish His master ____ (Lk 2:1f.; cf. Jer 29:1, 10-14; Is 44:28, 45:1, 4-6, etc.).
  • Bethlehem This hometown of King David (1 Sam 16:1, 17:12) and of Joseph (Lk 2:4) was prophesied to be the birthplace of the Messiah (Mic 5:2; Mt 2:4-6; Jn 7:42).
  • Guest Room (Two words) There was no space for Jesus not in an inn (there likely was no commercial inn in the small town of Bethlehem) but in the ____ ____ (or lodging place) (Lk 2:7; cf. Lk 22:10-11).
  • Manger After His birth, Jesus was laid not in a stall, but in a ___ (Lk 2:7).
  • Firstborn Ever since the Tenth Plague, the LORD has set apart the ____ male offspring from every human and animal for Himself (Ex 13:1-2; Num 3:13).
  • Siblings Contrary to Catholic doctrine, Mary almost certainly did not remain a virgin since Jesus had ___ (Mk 6:3).
  • Redeemed Eventually, the Levites served in place of all firstborn Israelite men (Num 3:11-13). But, the life of every firstborn son had to be ____ (Lk 2:22-24).
  • Savior By sacrificing Himself on the cross, Jesus paid the price for our redemption. Therefore, He – not Caesar – is the ___ of the world (Lk 2:11; Jn 4:42; Ac 5:31, 13:23; Eph 5:23; Php 3:20, etc.).
  • History The God of ____ ordained the events of ____ to give us the best Present in ____ – the Deliver’s Delivery.




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