Free Audiobook: ‘Making Sense of God’ by Tim Keller

Does It Make Sense To Even Want To Believe in God?

If the evidence for theism and atheism were equally compelling,1which worldview should we want to be true?

After dispelling common myths concerning the supposed decline of religion and the supposed dichotomy between faith and reason, Pastor Tim Keller (M. Div., D. Min.) compares and contrasts the logical outworkings of a secular worldview with that of a Christian worldview.

As many apologists and even and skeptics acknowledge, objections to belief in God are often not intellectual, but emotional and volitional. Keller gives reasons why a theistic worldview ought to be emotionally and volitionally preferable to a secular worldview. That is, if we really think things through, we should want there to be a God. 

Though many of us may be guilty of this from time to time (myself included), it does not seem reasonable to believe merely what we prefer to be true, however. Yet, I think this book provides a crucial pre-apologetic. Only after examining how different worldviews account for Meaning, Satisfaction, Freedom, Self, Identity, Morality, Justice, and Hope does Keller provide evidence for the reasonableness of belief in God — the Christian God.

This is truly an invitation to the skeptic, but it is an enlightening read for believers, as well.2

Table of Contents

Preface The Faith of the Secular


One Isn’t Religion Going Away?

Two Isn’t Religion Based on Faith and Secularism on Evidence?


Three A Meaning That Suffering Can’t Take from You

Four A Satisfaction That Is Not Based on Circumstances

Five    Why Can’t I Be Free to Live as I See Fit, as Long as I Don’t Harm Anyone?

Six The Problem of the Self

Seven An Identity That Doesn’t Crush You or Exclude Others

Eight A Hope That Can Face Anything

Nine The Problem of Morals

Ten A Justice That Does Not Create New Oppressors


Eleven Is It Reasonable to Believe in God?

Twelve Is It Reasonable to Believe in Christianity?

Epilogue Only in God



Further Reading3

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  1. (Though I find the evidence for theism and, more specifically, Christianity much more compelling).
  2. This description was first shared on the C4C Instagram account.
  3. Keller, Timothy. Making Sense of God: An Invitation to the Skeptical (pp. vii-viii). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.
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