Princeton University’s Shield of Faith

After my first post on the Troubling Origins of Princeton University, I did some more digging and shared more interesting information (originally on Facebook 6.2.18) about the University Shield:

#PrincetonReunions always brings back memories from my college days. Too much socializing and partying; not enough studying and reading. Princeton University's Shield of Faith

Too many course readings went unread, too many books remained closed. But probably the most important one is the one on the University shield — which is always open.

According to the school website, “the open book is inscribed with “Vet. Nov. Testamentum” (Old and New Testament).1

Little did I know that I every time I rocked Princeton gear I had a Bible on my chest. If only that corresponded to my conduct…

“The motto, ‘Dei Sub Numine Viget,’ translates as ‘Under the Protection of God She Flourishes.'”2 May I always remember the same for my life. And may my Bible always be open.

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Though many of us do not realize it, the origins of many (if not most!) American colleges and universities — not to mention the origins of education as we know it — are Christian.


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