Princeton University’s Shield of Faith

After my first post on the Troubling Origins of Princeton University, I did some more digging and shared more interesting information (originally on Facebook 6.2.18) about the University Shield:

#PrincetonReunions always brings back memories from my college days. Too much socializing and partying; not enough studying and reading. 

Too many course readings went unread, too many books remained closed. But probably the most important one is the one on the University shield — which is always open.

According to the school website, “the open book is inscribed with “Vet. Nov. Testamentum” (Old and New Testament).1

Little did I know that I every time I rocked Princeton gear I had a Bible on my chest. If only that corresponded to my conduct…

“The motto, ‘Dei Sub Numine Viget,’ translates as ‘Under the Protection of God She Flourishes.'”2 May I always remember the same for my life. And may my Bible always be open.

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Though many of us do not realize it, the origins of many (if not most!) American colleges and universities — not to mention the origins of education as we know it — are Christian.


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