Life: Use Only As Directed | Psalm 1 Bible Study [Slideshow]

Life: Use Only As Directed

What follows are the slides from my first Bible Study lesson, which includes material from my first sermon on the first Psalm and the second sermon which elaborates further.

There are three videos embedded in the original Power Point that are not able to be viewed via SlideShare. Thus, I have embedded them below the slides.

Also, the translation of Psalm 1 in the slides is the author’s. Other Scriptures quoted from the NIV or KJV are cited as such.

According to Psalm 1, there are basically two ways to live life: As Selected (by ourselves) or As Directed (by the LORD). While the way of the LORD leads to true bliss, the way of the wicked (i.e., the way of the self) leads to self-destruction.

Not Following Directions: Chlorine + Brake Fluid = Fire

Directions Are Not Always Clear: How To Dispense Tic Tacs

Scripture Typer Demo

To download a copy of the outline for the lesson, please see the link below:


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