David Spares Saul (Again) 1 Samuel 26 Lesson [Slideshow+]

Déjà Vu All Over Again?

Because of the many similarities, many think 1 Samuel 24 and 26 are different traditions of the same event 1 Nonetheless, there are some major differences. 2

There are several “narrative advances” or “intensifications” between the two accounts. 3 And, as it’s been said, “Saying—or hearing—the same thing twice is not usually a waste of time” 4

In both accounts, David acts wisely — by not taking matters into His own hands.

Below, please find (more) main points and the slideshow. Click here for the bibliography (same as from the previous lesson)

Main Points

  • Many think 1 Samuel 24 and 26 are different traditions of the same event, but there are important differences. David here comes across Saul by choice
  • Double testimony was required under the Law; this reinforces this account’s significance (cf. Dt 19:5)5
  • David again spares Saul and Saul again takes the blame 6. David acts wisely
  • David does not kill his way to the top; he does not take matters into his own hands
  • God gives David an opportunity to show grace, not take revenge
  • “People who oppose God’s plans are eventually shown to be fools7. When it comes to standing before God’s Messiah, there’s no middle ground 8
  • Whether a deep sleep, “a perfectly aimed stone”, or a “word of revelation”: The LORD can give His saints exactly what they need 9
  • David trusts the LORD for his protection and deliverance 10not in men (cf. Ps 118:8)


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