David’s Road to Royalty | 2 Samuel 5:1-5 Lesson [Slideshow+]

My Timing vs. God’s Timing

When people do us wrong and/or prevent us from what God wants us to do, isn’t it tempting to take matters into our own hands?

David’s road to the throne exemplifies putting the matter into God’s hands, rather than one’s own hands. Though he had to be reminded by the wise Abigail, when it comes to dealing with his enemies, David relies on God’s timing.

In this lesson, we briefly review the drama that takes place between 1 Samuel 24 and 2 Samuel 4 (cf. David Sparing Saul… Again), before focusing on the three reasons why David is finally anointed king of the United Kingdom in 2 Samuel 5.

See the main points and slideshow below. To avoid duplicate content, the bibliography can be found on this page.

Main Points

  • David did not conquer or coerce the northern tribes1
  • David did not kill his way to the top; the LORD handled it
  • The tribes of Israel willingly come together under him and he rules over the united kingdom 2
  • David was anointed quite a while ago (1 Sam 16:6-13);3 David’s road to royalty was long.4 This is the climax (Vannoy, 291).
  • The most important qualification for spiritual leadership is theological – being chosen by God
  • Through it all, we can see God’s hand removing David’s enemies and guiding him to the throne.
  • In spite of hardships, David just had to wait on and trust in the LORD. So should we (cf. Ps 37)!


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