Free Audiobook: God’s Crime Scene by J. Warner Wallace

What Is The Most Plausible Explanation Of…?

…the Origins of the Universe, the Appearance of Design of the Universe, the Origins of Life, Objective Moral Values and Duties, Free Will, Consciousness, and the Existence of “Evil?” Employing his honed investigative skills, J. Warner Wallace — a former atheist, former cold case homicide detective and current adjunct professor at Biola University — argues that it is theism.

God’s Crime Scene is the second book of this renowned apologist’s series. I plan to post the others — Cold-Case Christianity (also the name of his website) and Forensic Faith — in the near future.  The reason I have shared this one first is that I think it is often wiser to make a case for theism before making a case for a more specific case of theism — Christianity.1

Table of Contents

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OPENING STATEMENT Has Someone Else Been in This Room

CHAPTER ONE In the Beginning Was the Universe an Inside Job?

CHAPTER TWO Tampering with the Evidence Who Is Responsible?

CHAPTER THREE The Origin of Life Does the Text Require an Author?

CHAPTER FOUR Signs of Design Is there Evidence of an Artist?

CHAPTER FIVE Our Experience of Consciousness Are We More Than Matter?

CHAPTER SIX Free Will or Full Wiring Are Real Choices Even Possible?

CHAPTER SEVEN Law and Order Is Morality More Than an Opinion?

CHAPTER EIGHT The Evidence of Evil Can God and Evil Coexist?

Closing Argument Make a Decision and Make It Now2

C4C highly recommends God’s Crime Scene, and there are at least 10 good reasons to add Kindle eBooks and Audible audiobooks to your library. To download your free copy of this audiobook, visit the “How Do I Get My Free Audiobook?” section of the Free Audiobook Library Listing page.


  1. Much of this description first appeared in a C4C Instagram post.
  2. Wallace, J. Warner. God’s Crime Scene: A Cold-Case Detective Examines the Evidence for a Divinely Created Universe (pp. 15-16). David C. Cook. Kindle Edition.
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