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Verse of the Day 2.21.18: John 6:14

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Feeding of the Five Thousand

Today, C4C is studying John 6:1-15 — John’s account of the Feeding of the Five Thousand. Besides the Resurrection, this miraculous “sign” is the only to appear in all four Gospels.1 In John, at the narrative’s “Christological climax,” in which the people are astonished at the miracle they have witnessed, the witnesses identify Jesus as the Prophet who was to come as a kind of “second Moses” (cf. Dt 18:15).2 The account also references the Passover— “The Jewish Passover Festival was near” (Jn 6:4). And, as in the time of Moses, Jesus miraculously provides bread3— before claiming to be the ‘Bread of Life’ (Jn 6:32f.)

As one scholar notes:

Toward the end of the third century AD, Rabbi Isaac argued that ‘as the former redeemer [Moses] caused manna to descend … so will the latter Redeemer cause manna to descend’ (cited in Ecclesiastes Rabbah on Ec. 1:9).4

In John, this is the fourth “sign” that Jesus was, in fact, the Prophet (Dt 18:15-19) — the Messiah who was sent and had come into the world. And yet, He was much more than just a prophet.


14 Οἱ οὖν ἄνθρωποι ἰδόντες ὃ ἐποίησεν σημεῖον2 ἔλεγον ὅτι Οὗτός ἐστιν ἀληθῶς ὁ προφήτης ὁ ἐρχόμενος εἰς τὸν κόσμον5

14 After the people saw the sign Jesus performed, they began to say, “Surely this is the Prophet who is to come into the world.”6

C4C Translation

Now when the people saw He who performed the sign, they began to say, “Truly this is the prophet who is to come into the world.”


Memorize John 6:14  after watching a brief video tutorial demonstrating the How to Memorize Any Bible Verse in Less Than Five Minutes method below:


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