Mark 2:20-22 Bible Study | Not Feasting, Fasting; Not Reforming, Transforming (Pt II)

Jesus came not to merely patch up the old clothes of the old covenant, but to purchase the new clothes of the new covenant. The cost was the cross.

The prophesied Bridegroom (see Part 1) came not to renew the old vows of the old marital covenant between God and His bride (i.e., His people), but to make new vows in a new marital covenant between the God and His Bride.

Back then, you wouldn’t put a patch of new cloth on old clothes, nor would you put new wine in old wineskins. Christ came not to refill the old, but to fulfill the old. He came not to reform, but to transform.

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Mark 2-18--22 Lesson 10-21-20 Not a Wake^J a Wedding

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