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If you’ve ever watched a cop show, when the detective asks, “Where were you last night from 9-11PM?” what’s one of the worst answers?  “I was at home, by myself.”

Why? Because no one can verify it. All one has is one’s personal testimony

Similarly, we can have powerful, personal testimonies about what Christ has done in our hearts. Yet, often, no one else can verify it.

To make his case for the Resurrection, Paul cites both his subjective, personal experience and objective, historical evidence. We should do the same.

For though people have their philosophical prejudices, given the historical facts that scholars of all stripes agree upon, the Resurrection is the best historical explanation.

Below, please find the main points, video, and slideshow of last week’s Bible Study on 1 Corinthians 15:1-8, which followed last Sunday’s sermon (see Greek text, translation, and bibliography on the previous post).

Main Points

  • When the Corinthians were doubting resurrection, Paul reminds them of the facts
  • Christ died, Christ was raised, Christ was buried, Christ appeared
  • Given the widely-accepted facts, Christ’s Resurrection is the best explanation
  • This is our theological foundation. If Christ was not raised, our faith is worthless.
  • We have both objective and subjective evidence
  • The indicative precedes the imperative. Let’s put a therefore in front of God’s commands
  • Because of God’s love and grace – in view of God’s mercy – we should respond with faithfulness, offering our bodies as a living sacrifice (Rom 12:1)
  • In our society that can’t hold its head still; let’s stand firm on the Solid Rock of Christ, so we can line things up, just right


I played a clip of this video to humorously demonstrate how things that are “cool” today can become “old school” tomorrow. I also played a clip of the throwback AOL Dial-Up sound.

Society is constantly changing — not only concerning technology, entertainment, fashion, music, etc., but also concerning morality and ideology.

In contrast, the #facts of what Christ did for us remain the same…


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