Looks Can Be Deceiving | Proverbs 14:12 Meditation

October 29, 2018 @DannyScottonJr 0

As the old saying goes, “looks can be deceiving.” It may seem that many of those living contrary to God’s will have prosperity, happiness, etc. Yet, in the end, living in such a way leads to self-destruction (cf. Psalm 1). Believing in God is not “blind faith,” it is trusting without complete (in)sight. It is trusting that, regardless of what seems right in our minds, the One who gave us life ultimately knows what is best for our lives. 

Foundation of Salvation | 1 Peter 1:8-9 Meditation

October 27, 2018 @DannyScottonJr 0

As the ol’ Gospel song goes, “This joy I have the world didn’t give it to me… The world didn’t give it and the world can’t take it away.” The foundation of Christian joy is salvation through Christ. Because of our past, present, and future (i.e., final) salvation, our present circumstances do not ultimately deter joy — indescribable joy.

The Game of Life: Four Necessary Worldview Questions

October 10, 2018 @DannyScottonJr 0

What does one need to know to play any game? (1) How does it start (origins)? (2) What are the rules (morality)? (3) What is the goal (meaning)? (4) How does it end (destiny)? Every worldview has to — at least — address each of these questions. The answers that a Christian worldview provides are much more…