The Ten Commandments (Part III) Sunday School Lesson [Slides]

Here are the slides to Sunday’s (10.21.18) lesson on the Ten Commandments (Part III). After reviewing some material covered in the first and second lessons, I aim to transition from the first group of commands that concern how we are to love God (I-IV) to the second group of commands that concern how we are to love others (V-X).

This is common grouping reflects the First (Love God with all your heart… Dt 6:5 cf. Mt 22:37-38) and Second Greatest Commandments (Love your neighbor as yourself… Lev 19:18 cf. Mt 22:39-40) — according to Jesus.

Some scholars point out that the Ten Commandments (Ex 20:1-17) instruct us how to properly prioritize our lives:

  1. God (I-IV)
  2. Family (V)
  3. Others (VI-X)

The purpose of our lives, as with Israel, is to be a kingdom of priests (Ex 19:6 cf. 1 Pet 2:19, Rev 1:6) through whom God will bless all nations (Gen 12:2-3, Gal 3:8).

Please view/download the slides below. Sources are listed at the bottom of the page.


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