Psalm 1:1-2 Bible Study | “Life: Use Only As Directed” (Part I)

Do you determine your purpose or do you discern your purpose? Do you determine your purpose, or do you detect your purpose? Do you determine your purpose, or do you discover your purpose?

The way we all answer this can undergird every major decision we make in life.

What the question is getting at is: do we try to find our own way in life, live how we want to live? Or do we find out how we should live life, and live how we ought to live?

I believe the theology of Psalm 1 addresses this question. According to the Psalmist, ultimately, there are two ways to live life. We can live in a way contrary to God’s character or in a way conforming to God’s character.

We can live life as directed, or live life as selected – according to God’s directions or according to our selections.

The Two Ways have two different destinations. The self-directed way of the wicked leads to instability and destruction. The divinely-directed way of the righteous leads to true bliss and (godly) prosperity.

Truly blissful is the one who is not comfortable in the counsel of those who scoff at God, but delights in meditating on the instructions of God.

Perhaps the Creator of life knows a little more about how life should be lived than the creatures He gave life… Maybe we should follow His instructions and not leave the manual on the shelf.

Fish were created to be in water. Thus, fish are most happy in water. We were created to be in relationship with God. Thus, we are most happy in relationship with God.

We hope to finish our study of Psalm 1 next week.

After being voted to become a full-time minister at Alpha Baptist Church, i thought it wise to revisit the first passage i ever preached at the church almost three years ago (see my trial sermon on Psalm 1, my second sermon on Psalm 1 during morning service, and a previous Bible Study on Psalm 1).

God is good!


Blissful is the one who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked,

or stand in the way of sinners,

or dwell in the assembly of mockers (Ps 1:1, AT)

but rather in the law of the LORD they delight;

and on His law they meditate day and night (Ps 1:2, AT)

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